Viewing Vulnerability Reports

Created:  15 Nov 2018
Updated:  15 Nov 2018
How to view Vulnerability Reports

The NCSC has provided a Vulnerability Reporting Service that allows someone to report a vulnerability to us if they have not been able to contact the system owner. Through this service, we have received a vulnerability report associated with one of your websites. 

To verify the authenticity of emails from the NCSC, please use our PGP key

If you have any questions, please Contact Us


How to view your report 

  1. Once we have confirmed you are the system owner, you will receive an email from HackerOne inviting you to join and detailing the process of creating an account. 

    Vulnerability invite

  2. The invitation should look like the example below.
    Create account

  3. Once you have received the invitation, click Create new account.

  4. Once you have created an account you will be able to login and view your vulnerability report. 

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