Sociotechnical security

Security that accounts for the interaction of technology with people, processes and organisations.


  • Casablanca

    Cyber Security meet Engineering, Engineering meet Cyber Security…

    Blog post20 Sep 2017AuthorHelen LTopicsSociotechnical security, Sectoral engagement

    Helen L talks about the NCSC’s research into engineering processes ahead of the Institute of Civil Engineers’ Shaping a Digital World conference

  • Growing positive security cultures

    Growing positive security cultures

    Blog post18 Sep 2017AuthorEmma WTopicsSociotechnical security

    If your security culture isn't improving naturally, here's what you can do about it

  • Recycle

    Living with password re-use

    Blog post24 Aug 2017AuthorKate RTopicsSociotechnical security, Identity and passwords

    In a perfect world we'd use unique passwords for every online service. But the world isn't perfect...

  • Developer Centred Security

    NCSC award £0.5m grant to fund 'Developer Centred Security' research

    Blog post21 Aug 2017AuthorHelen LTopicsSociotechnical security, Partnerships

    Two-year project will explore how to motivate developers to adopt secure coding practice

  • Origin stories

    Origin stories

    Blog post07 Aug 2017AuthorKate RTopicsSociotechnical security

    How the backgrounds, skills and motivations of Cyber UK delegates can change the way we think about security.

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