Sociotechnical security

Security that accounts for the interaction of technology with people, processes and organisations.


  • cyber risk management masterclass

    The Cyber Risk Manager's Toolbox - A Masterclass

    Blog post10 Apr 2017AuthorJohn YTopicsSociotechnical security, Risk management

    The techniques and theory that should be in every cyber risk manager's toolbox. What they are and how to find out more about them.

  • People: The Strongest Link

    Information28 Mar 2017TopicsSociotechnical security

    Watch a video of Emma W's keynote presentation from the opening day of CyberUK In Practice 2017.

  • Bring the security

    CyberUK: the unsung heroes of cyber security

    Blog post28 Mar 2017AuthorEmma WTopicsSociotechnical security

    Emma W puts 'people are the weakest link in security' firmly in the swear box.

  • Unicorn birthday cake

    Happy 1st Birthday StSG!

    Blog post27 Mar 2017AuthorGeoff ETopicsSociotechnical security

    To celebrate the 1st birthday of the StSG, Geoff E explains what the team has been up to.

  • Guinea pig

    Take part in LiveLabs at CyberUK

    Blog post13 Mar 2017AuthorKate RTopicsSociotechnical security, Research

    The NCSC is looking for CyberUK delegates to help us with our research.

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