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The development of cyber security skills, knowledge and expertise for application in real-world situations.


  • CyberFirst girls competition

    Competition launches to crown UK's most cyber-savvy girls

    News16 Jan 2018TopicsSkills and training, The NCSC, New talent

    Registration for the 2018 CyberFirst Girls Competition opens today.

  • Schools media pack: CyberFirst Girls Competition 2018

    Information16 Jan 2018TopicsCyber strategy, Skills and training, New talent

    For every nine men working in cyber security you will find just one woman - we're working to change that with CyberFirst Girls Competition 2018! We hope this fun contest will spark a lifelong interest in cyber security that could be turned into a fulfilling career for girls.

  • CyberFirst Girls Competition 2018 - NOW OPEN

    It's back! The CyberFirst Girls Competition 2018

    Blog post16 Jan 2018AuthorSian GTopicsSkills and training, New talent

    Registration is now open for the 2018 CyberFirst Girls Competition!

  • Industry 100: available roles

    Information15 Jan 2018TopicsIncident management, Skills and training

    The current positions available using the Industry 100 scheme here at the NCSC.

  • NCSC-certified degrees

    Information22 Dec 2017TopicsSkills and training

    About NCSC-certified Master’s and Bachelor's degrees in cyber security and closely related fields.

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