Secure communications

Ensuring organisations can exchange information securely, which includes using the Internet, secure voice communications, wireless networks and VPNs.


  • Securing email

    Improving email security

    Blog post15 Sep 2017AuthorRichard CTopicsOperational security, Data in transit, Secure communications
  • End User Devices: VPNs

    Guidance01 Aug 2017TopicsIT infrastructure, End user technology, Secure communications

    In this guidance we discuss the reasons for using VPNs and make recommendations on aspects of the underlying technology, such as protocols and cryptography. We also give risk management advice to organisations considering the use of VPNs.

  • TEMPEST and EMS Policy

    Information18 Jul 2017TopicsNetwork security, Secure communications
  • A safe

    Which smartphone is the most secure?

    Blog post10 Feb 2017AuthorAndy PTopicsEnd user technology, Secure communications

    A straight answer to a difficult question

  • Using MIKEY-SAKKE: Building secure multimedia services

    Information28 Sep 2016TopicsCryptography, Secure communications

    This white paper shares thoughts on how to build a secure multimedia service.

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