Sectoral engagement

Initiatives aimed at maintaining cyber security defences across critical sectors within the UK.


  • Casablanca

    Cyber Security meet Engineering, Engineering meet Cyber Security…

    Blog post20 Sep 2017AuthorHelen LTopicsSociotechnical security, Sectoral engagement

    Helen L talks about the NCSC’s research into engineering processes ahead of the Institute of Civil Engineers’ Shaping a Digital World conference

  • Cyber Security: Small Business Guide

    Guidance18 Aug 2017TopicsCyber attacks, Sectoral engagement

    How to improve cyber security within your organisation - quickly, easily and inexpensively.

  • NCSC support to the NIS Directive implementation

    Information09 Aug 2017TopicsCyber strategy, Government strategy, Sectoral engagement

    The UK will be implementing the EU directive on the security of Networks and Information Systems (known as the NIS Directive). DCMS are conducting a public consultation, and we will be providing support and guidance for the NIS implementation to government and the sectors

  • Case study

    Customer success stories at the NCSC

    Blog post14 Jul 2017AuthorAndrew MTopicsIdentity and passwords, Sectoral engagement

    A new set of case studies demonstrate how organisations, with the help of the NCSC, have successfully deployed new technologies.

  • CyberUK track 2

    You'll never guess what's happening in Track 2 at CyberUK In Practice

    Blog post13 Mar 2017AuthorJon LTopicsCyber strategy, Sectoral engagement

    Jon L introduces a track with a theme we should all care about...

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