SaaS offerings

The provision of software applications for customers to use via the Internet or electronic network.


  • My cloud is not a castle

    My cloud isn't a castle

    Blog post06 Jul 2018AuthorAndrew ATopicsCloud security, SaaS offerings

    Moving to the cloud from closed-off data centres means we’re exposing more of our services to the Internet than we ever have done before. Andrew A talks through his thoughts on why this sometimes results in accidental data leakage and how to reduce the risk of that happening.

  • SaaS security principles

    Guidance11 Jun 2018TopicsSaaS offerings

    A brief description of the criteria developed by the NCSC to evaluate the security of various 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) offerings.

  • SaaS security collection

    Guidance11 Jun 2018TopicsSaaS offerings

    Guidance for organisations looking to use, deploy, and understand the risks of adopting a range of popular Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.

  • Cloud nuts

    SaaS security - surely it's simple?

    Blog post11 Jun 2018AuthorAndrew CTopicsSaaS offerings

    A draft framework from the NCSC designed to simplify security decisions about using SaaS services.

  • Basecamp security review

    Guidance11 Jun 2018TopicsSaaS offerings

    A security review of the Basecamp project management tool, based on the NCSC's SaaS security principles.

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