SaaS offerings

The provision of software applications for customers to use via the Internet or electronic network.


  • Cloudy with a chance

    Cloudy with a chance of transparency

    Blog post23 Oct 2017AuthorAndrew ATopicsCloud security, SaaS offerings

    In part 2 of his Cloud Blog Trilogy, Andrew explains why it's better for everyone if cloud providers are willing to be open about how they run their services.

  • Cloudy tower

    Brightening the outlook for security in the cloud

    Blog post26 Sep 2017AuthorAndrew ATopicsCloud security, SaaS offerings

    The NCSC's Cloud Security Research Lead suggests some approaches to help you get confidence in cloud services.

  • Separation and cloud security

    Guidance17 Aug 2016TopicsCloud security, SaaS offerings

    The importance of secure boundaries between users of cloud services

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