The NCSC's strategic partnerships with universities and the wider education sector to develop skilled professionals in the cyber security field.


  • Developer

    Developers need help too

    Blog post06 Dec 2016AuthorHelen LTopicsResearch

    How developer-centric approaches can encourage software professionals to make better security decisions.

  • Firmware security research project

    Getting a grip on firmware

    Blog post21 Nov 2016AuthorMike HTopicsResearch, End user device

    Investigating the security of firmware and why this often overlooked component should not be ignored.

  • Gain recognition as an Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research

    Information10 Oct 2016TopicsResearch, Skills and training

    Recognising UK universities conducting world class cyber security research.

  • CyberInvest: Securing our future through research

    Information05 Jul 2016TopicsResearch

    Investing in and supporting cutting-edge cyber security research across the UK's academic sector.

  • Research institutes

    Information11 Feb 2016TopicsResearch

    About research institutes developing cyber security capability in strategically important areas. The UK cyber security research community is a world leader in its field and attracts the best academics and students.

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