Initiatives aimed at developing cyber security capabilities across public and private sector organisations within the UK.


  • Cyber Accelerator at Lancaster House

    Nine start-ups graduate from ground-breaking cyber security initiative

    News28 Jun 2018TopicsThe NCSC, Partnerships

    Start-ups graduate from the NCSC Cyber Accelerator - an initiative set up to advance next generation cyber security systems.

  • CyBOK Knowledge Areas cluster diagram

    CyBOK - release of the first Knowledge Areas

    Blog post25 Apr 2018AuthorChris ETopicsCyber strategy, Skills and training, Partnerships

    Announcing the release of the Cryptography and Software Security Knowledge Areas for public review.

  • House of Parliament from across the River

    Industry 100 inspiring collaboration

    Blog post17 Apr 2018AuthorSteve MTopicsPartnerships

    Steve M from Sopra Steria discusses his experience of Industry 100, working with the NCSC and the importance of collaboration.

  • Introduction to Industry 100

    Information14 Mar 2018TopicsThe NCSC, Partnerships

    The National Cyber Security Centre is inviting organisations to participate in Industry 100 – an initiative which promotes close collaborative working between the NCSC and at least 100 industry personnel.

  • Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCUs)

    Information12 Feb 2018TopicsThe NCSC, Partnerships

    Regional Organised Crime Units, or ROCUs for short, are trusted partners of the NCSC that form the Cyber PROTECT Network.

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