Operational security

Advice and guidance covering the day to day management of an organisation's security activities.


  • Email security and anti-spoofing

    Guidance15 Sep 2017TopicsOperational security, Data in transit

    A guide for IT managers and systems administrators

  • Securing email

    Improving email security

    Blog post15 Sep 2017AuthorRichard CTopicsOperational security, Data in transit, Secure communications
  • Penetration Testing

    Guidance09 Aug 2017TopicsOperational security, Network security

    Advice on how to get the most from penetration testing

  • pens

    Penetration testing - what is it and who is it for?

    Blog post09 Aug 2017AuthorHarry WTopicsOperational security, Network security

    A primer for anyone interested in reading our new penetration testing guidance

  • Internet edge device security

    Guidance12 May 2017TopicsIncident management, Operational security, IT infrastructure

    What to do if you suspect your internet edge router has been compromised

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