Operational security

Advice and guidance covering the day to day management of an organisation's security activities.


  • Protecting system administration with PAM

    Protecting system administration with PAM

    Blog post15 Aug 2018AuthorToby WTopicsOperational security, Design and configuration, Digital services

    Toby W advocates for the Privileged Access Management (PAM) model for protecting remote systems administration

  • The NIS Guidance Collection

    Guidance19 Jul 2018TopicsOperational security

    VERSION 1.0.1 (19 July 2018) Changelog

  • A2. Risk management

    Guidance30 Apr 2018TopicsOperational security, IT infrastructure, NIS Directive
  • A4. Supply chain

    Guidance30 Apr 2018TopicsOperational security, Network security, NIS Directive
  • Pile of oranges and an  apple

    Maturity models in cyber security: what's happening to the IAMM?

    Blog post08 Mar 2018AuthorAnne WTopicsOperational security

    Here we explain a bit about maturity models, look at how they've been used for cyber security, and explain why the NCSC is no longer supporting the IA Maturity Model (IAMM) introduced in 2008.

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