Malware protection

Protecting organisations from malicious software covertly introduced into a system or device.


  • Advisory: APT10 continuing to target UK organisations

    20 Dec 2018TopicsMalware protection, Cyber threats

    The NCSC published advice to mitigate against this campaign targeting MSPs on 3 April 2017.

    An updated report on APT10's continued targeting of UK organisations.

  • Mitigating Malware

    Guidance20 Nov 2018TopicsMalware protection

    How organisations and home users can reduce the likelihood of malware infection.

  • Advisory: Trickbot banking trojan

    28 Sep 2018TopicsMalware protection, Cyber threats

    The Trickbot banking trojan is being used in cyber attacks against small and medium-sized businesses, and individuals in the UK and overseas. This report details mitigations that organisations and individuals should implement immediately.

  • Pattern: Safely Importing Data

    Guidance16 Jul 2018TopicsIT infrastructure, Data in transit, Malware protection, Monitoring

    An architecture pattern for safely importing data into a system from an external source.

  • Import data not malware

    Import data, not malware

    Blog post16 Jul 2018AuthorRichard CTopicsIT infrastructure, Malware protection

    Richard C introduces new guidance on safe, malware-free data import

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