Malware protection

Protecting organisations from malicious software covertly introduced into a system or device.


  • Pattern: Safely Importing Data

    Guidance16 Jul 2018TopicsIT infrastructure, Data in transit, Malware protection, Monitoring

    An architecture pattern for safely importing data into a system from an external source.

  • Import data not malware

    Import data, not malware

    Blog post16 Jul 2018AuthorRichard CTopicsIT infrastructure, Malware protection

    Richard C introduces new guidance on safe, malware-free data import

  • Mitigating Malware

    Guidance09 Feb 2018TopicsMalware protection

    How organisations and home users can reduce the likelihood of malware infection.

  • WannaCry screen

    Introducing the Mitigating Malware and Preventing Lateral Movement Guidance

    Blog post09 Feb 2018AuthorDan UTopicsMalware protection

    New guidance for organisations of all sizes, and home users.

  • NCSC building with logo

    Statement: 'Bad Rabbit' malware incident

    News24 Oct 2017TopicsMalware protection, Patch management, Cyber threats, Cyber attacks, Vulnerabilities

    An official statement from the National Cyber Security Centre on the recent 'Bad Rabbit' malware cyber incident.

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