IT infrastructure

The underlying hardware, software, network, resources and services that organisations need to in order to deliver IT solutions to employees, partners and customers.


  • Desk set up with dual screens, phones, mouse, keyboard and headphones

    NCSC Cross Domain Solutions Industry Pilot

    Blog post16 Jan 2019AuthorDuncan ATopicsIT infrastructure, Design and configuration, Network security

    Looking to industry to help better understand how to safely connect to external IT systems.

  • EUD Security Guidance: macOS 10.14

    Guidance20 Dec 2018TopicsIT infrastructure, End user technology, End user device

    Secure configuration for devices running macOS 10.14

  • A2. Risk management

    Guidance31 Oct 2018TopicsOperational security, IT infrastructure, NIS Directive
  • padlock

    Taking a Shine off Certificates

    Blog post15 Oct 2018AuthorJamie HTopicsIT infrastructure, Browser security, Vulnerabilities

    Symantec-issued HTTPS certificates will start to become invalid from 16 October

  • Pattern: Safely Importing Data

    Guidance16 Jul 2018TopicsIT infrastructure, Data in transit, Malware protection, Monitoring

    An architecture pattern for safely importing data into a system from an external source.

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