IT infrastructure

The underlying hardware, software, network, resources and services that organisations need to in order to deliver IT solutions to employees, partners and customers.


  • A2. Risk management

    Guidance31 Oct 2018TopicsOperational security, IT infrastructure, NIS Directive
  • padlock

    Taking a Shine off Certificates

    Blog post15 Oct 2018AuthorJamie HTopicsIT infrastructure, Browser security, Vulnerabilities

    Symantec-issued HTTPS certificates will start to become invalid from 16 October

  • Pattern: Safely Importing Data

    Guidance16 Jul 2018TopicsIT infrastructure, Data in transit, Malware protection, Monitoring

    An architecture pattern for safely importing data into a system from an external source.

  • Import data not malware

    Import data, not malware

    Blog post16 Jul 2018AuthorRichard CTopicsIT infrastructure, Malware protection

    Richard C introduces new guidance on safe, malware-free data import

  • https locks

    Serve websites over HTTPS (always)

    Blog post06 Jun 2018AuthorJamie HTopicsIT infrastructure, Browser security

    You should be serving web pages over HTTPS. Are you?

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