Identity and passwords

Measures designed to provide assurance that individuals (or organisations) are who they claim to be.


  • Using passwords to protect your data

    Guidance20 Dec 2017TopicsIdentity and passwords

    5 things to keep in mind when using passwords.

  • Recycle

    Living with password re-use

    Blog post24 Aug 2017AuthorKate RTopicsSociotechnical security, Identity and passwords

    In a perfect world we'd use unique passwords for every online service. But the world isn't perfect...

  • broken lock

    Research into dealing with weak domain passwords

    Blog post14 Aug 2017AuthorAndy PTopicsResearch, Identity and passwords

    We're calling for enterprise network administrators to take part in some research into new ways of dealing with weak domain passwords. Can you help?

  • Case study

    Customer success stories at the NCSC

    Blog post14 Jul 2017AuthorAndrew MTopicsIdentity and passwords, Sectoral engagement

    A new set of case studies demonstrate how organisations, with the help of the NCSC, have successfully deployed new technologies.

  • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn 2012 hack: what you need to know

    Blog post28 Jun 2017AuthorAndy BTopicsIdentity and passwords, Cyber attacks

    Andy B reviews the historic LinkedIn attack, and reminds us why it's important to protect our online accounts.

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