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  • Universities of Edinburgh and Warwick become academic centres of cyber excellence

    News03 Apr 2017TopicsGovernment strategy, Research, Partnerships

    The Universities join the list of Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACEs-CSR). Edinburgh becomes the first such centre in Scotland.

  • Cautious user

    Making email mean something again

    Blog post02 Dec 2016AuthorRichard CTopicsGovernment strategy

    How the NCSC is helping public sector organisations to adopt important anti-phising protocols.

  • National Cyber Security Centre a part of GCHQ

    Active Cyber Defence - tackling cyber attacks on the UK

    Blog post01 Nov 2016AuthorIan LevyTopicsCyber strategy, Government strategy, The NCSC

    The NCSC's Technical Director outlines how the Active Cyber Defence programme will help the UK defend itself from cyber attacks.

  • ciaran_400x268

    A new approach for cyber security in the UK

    News13 Sep 2016TopicsCyber strategy, Government strategy
  • IA Technical Design Review

    Information01 Aug 2016TopicsDesign and configuration, Risk management, Government strategy

    An IA Technical Design Review (TDR) is aimed at private or public sector customers who are looking to offer an ICT service to Government, where the solution being offered contains innovative or complex security functionality that is not covered by current HMG IA guidance.

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