End user technology

Deployment and management of technology used by the employees, partners, or customers of an organisation.


  • EUD Security Guidance: Windows 10 with Mobile Device Management

    Guidance21 Sep 2017TopicsIT infrastructure, End user technology, End user device

    Alpha security configuration guidance for Windows 10 with MDM

  • EUD: Windows 10 MDM

    Modernising Windows 10 Management

    Blog post21 Sep 2017AuthorStuart GTopicsIT infrastructure, End user technology, End user device

    Introducing our new Windows10 with MDM guidance

  • EUD: Virtual Private Networks

    Guidance01 Aug 2017TopicsIT infrastructure, End user technology, Secure communications

    In this guidance we discuss the reasons for using VPNs and make recommendations on aspects of the underlying technology, such as protocols and cryptography. We also give risk management advice to organisations considering the use of VPNs.

  • virtual private networks

    Introducing new guidance on Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

    Blog post01 Aug 2017AuthorAndy PTopicsIT infrastructure, Network security, End user technology

    An introduction to our new guidance on virtual private networks

  • Case Study: West Berkshire Council

    Case Study14 Jun 2017TopicsEnd user technology, Partnerships

    Easier logins, better connectivity, genuinely portable devices: improving the mobile user experience at West Berkshire Council.

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