End user technology

Deployment and management of technology used by the employees, partners, or customers of an organisation.


  • Case Study: West Berkshire Council

    Case Study14 Jun 2017TopicsEnd user technology, Partnerships

    Easier logins, better connectivity, genuinely portable devices: improving the mobile user experience at West Berkshire Council.

  • Archery targets

    The Secure by Default Partnership Programme 2017

    Blog post02 May 2017AuthorAndy PTopicsSecure by default, End user technology, Partnerships

    We’re seeking proactive public sector partners to explore ways to remove or replace passwords for 2017's Secure by Default Partnership Programme

  • EUD Security Guidance: Chrome OS 56

    Guidance19 Apr 2017TopicsEnd user technology, End user device

    This guidance was developed following testing performed on a Chromebook device running Chrome OS 56.

  • Chromed engine

    New Chrome OS guidance released

    Blog post19 Apr 2017AuthorAndy PTopicsEnd user technology, End user device

    We've revived and refreshed the Chrome OS guidance and published it into our EUD portfolio

  • The Research Institute in Hardware Security

    Information22 Mar 2017TopicsResearch, End user technology, Partnerships

    Establishment of a new virtual academic research institute investigating topics relating to hardware enabled security.

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