End user device

Protecting user-operated devices, including smartphones, laptops and tablets.


  • Like a car, which MDM tool is best?

    MDM products: Which one is best?

    Blog post08 Mar 2017AuthorAndrew ATopicsFlexible working, End user device, Assurance

    We discuss why there is no one right answer to "What is the best MDM product?", as we found when building our own IT system.

  • EUD Security Guidance: Windows 10

    Guidance06 Mar 2017TopicsEnd user technology, End user device

    Secure configuration for devices running Windows 10 1607 “Anniversary Edition”

  • Windows 10 EUD Guidance

    What's new with Windows 10?

    Blog post06 Mar 2017AuthorAndy PTopicsEnd user technology, BYOD, End user device

    New device security guidance and some timely reminders

  • Firmware Status Check

    Firmware II: Status check

    Blog post25 Jan 2017AuthorMike HTopicsEnd user technology, End user device

    Initial research shows firmware frequently out of date

  • EUD Security Guidance: Android 7

    Guidance29 Dec 2016TopicsEnd user technology, End user device

    Secure configuration of Android 7 devices in Device Owner Mode.

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