Design and configuration

Activities relating to the design, procurement, build and configuration of a secure enterprise IT system.


  • Secure development and deployment

    Secure development and deployment

    Blog post22 Sep 2017AuthorToby WTopicsSecure by default, Design and configuration, Digital services
  • Smart Metering - Communications Hub: CPA SC

    Document03 Aug 2017TopicsDesign and configuration, Operational technology, Assurance

    Incorporating the Communications Hub Function and the Gas Proxy Function

  • Cloud computing

    NCSC IT: Networking in the cloud

    Blog post28 Mar 2017AuthorJon HTopicsDesign and configuration

    In the fourth blog about the NCSC’s IT system, we look at how the networking topologies and practices differ from traditional approaches.

  • Administrator workstation

    Protect your management interfaces

    Blog post22 Mar 2017AuthorRichard CTopicsDesign and configuration

    Why it's important to protect the interfaces used to manage your infrastructure, and some some recommendations on how you might do this.

  • Design Principles: Understanding your service

    Guidance25 Sep 2016TopicsDesign and configuration, Digital services

    To securely design a service, there are a number of areas you need to have a good understanding of

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