Design and configuration

Activities relating to the design, procurement, build and configuration of a secure enterprise IT system.


  • Desk set up with dual screens, phones, mouse, keyboard and headphones

    NCSC Cross Domain Solutions Industry Pilot

    Blog post16 Jan 2019AuthorDuncan ATopicsIT infrastructure, Design and configuration, Network security

    Looking to industry to help better understand how to safely connect to external IT systems.

  • Leaking pipe

    The leaky pipe of secure coding

    Blog post18 Sep 2018AuthorHelen LTopicsSociotechnical security, Design and configuration

    Helen L discusses how security can be woven more seamlessly into the development process.

  • Protecting system administration with PAM

    Protecting system administration with PAM

    Blog post15 Aug 2018AuthorToby WTopicsOperational security, Design and configuration, Digital services

    Toby W advocates for the Privileged Access Management (PAM) model for protecting remote systems administration

  • EUD Security Guidance: Chrome OS 65

    Guidance26 Jun 2018TopicsDesign and configuration, End user technology

    Secure configuration advice for Chrome OS 65

  • Building applications

    The NCSC's guide to developing, procuring and deploying applications

    Blog post09 May 2018AuthorTom WTopicsDesign and configuration

    Now with added Windows! The latest update to the NCSC's application development guidance.

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