Data in transit

Protecting data as it is transferred from one location to another, either through a private network or the Internet.


  • Email security and anti-spoofing

    Guidance29 Oct 2018TopicsOperational security, Data in transit

    A guide for IT managers and systems administrators

  • Pattern: Safely Importing Data

    Guidance16 Jul 2018TopicsIT infrastructure, Data in transit, Malware protection, Monitoring

    An architecture pattern for safely importing data into a system from an external source.

  • Securing email

    Improving email security

    Blog post15 Sep 2017AuthorRichard CTopicsOperational security, Data in transit, Secure communications
  • Using IPsec to protect data

    Guidance24 Sep 2016TopicsData in transit, Network security

    Guidance for organisations wishing to deploy or buy network encryption, using IPsec.

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