Protecting information whilst in storage (or in transit) by making it inaccessible/unreadable by everyone except those who have the information needed to access /read it.


  • Secure communications

    TLS 1.3: better for individuals - harder for enterprises

    Blog post09 Mar 2018AuthorIan LevyTopicsCryptography, Secure communications

    The NCSC's technical director outlines the challenges that TLS 1.3 presents for enterprise security.

  • Quantum-safe cryptography

    Whitepaper30 Nov 2016TopicsCryptography

    This white paper is intended for those who use or build cryptographic products and systems. It describes the threat to cryptography posed by the emergence of quantum computing, and includes guidance for transitioning to systems that will resist this threat.

  • Quantum key distribution

    Whitepaper04 Oct 2016TopicsCryptography

    This white paper describes our current position on quantum key distribution (QKD). QKD is an approach to key distribution that relies on the properties of quantum mechanics to provide security.

  • Using MIKEY-SAKKE: Building secure multimedia services

    Information28 Sep 2016TopicsCryptography, Secure communications

    This white paper shares thoughts on how to build a secure multimedia service.

  • MIKEY-SAKKE frequently asked questions

    Guidance08 Aug 2016TopicsCryptography, Secure communications

    A brief guide to MIKEY-SAKKE, a protocol that allows organisations to provide secure communications with end-to-end encryption.

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