Cloud security

Advice to organisations considering the use of cloud-based applications and services.


  • Technology Leaders Network

    Debunking cloud security myths

    Blog post08 Feb 2017AuthorJon LTopicsCloud security

    What Jon got up to at the Technology Leaders Network.

  • Cloud Security Principle 7: Secure development

    Guidance22 Sep 2016TopicsCloud security

    Services should be designed and developed to identify and mitigate threats to their security. Those which aren’t may be vulnerable to security issues which could compromise your data, cause loss of service or enable other malicious activity.

  • Cloud Security Principle 8: Supply chain security

    Guidance22 Sep 2016TopicsCloud security

    The service provider should ensure that its supply chain satisfactorily supports all of the security principles which the service claims to implement.

  • Cloud Security Principle 9: Secure user management

    Guidance22 Sep 2016TopicsCloud security

    Your provider should make the tools available for you to securely manage your use of their service. Management interfaces and procedures are a vital part of the security barrier, preventing unauthorised access and alteration of your resources, applications and data.

  • Cloud Security Principle 10: Identity and authentication

    Guidance22 Sep 2016TopicsCloud security

    All access to service interfaces should be constrained to authenticated and authorised individuals.

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