BYOD (or Bring Your Own Device) describes technology that enables employees to use their own devices for work purposes, either within the organisation or when working remotely.


  • Factory reset and reprovisioning for Android devices

    Guidance31 Jan 2018TopicsBYOD, End user device

    The methods described here are not guaranteed data sanitisation methods; they may not completely erase data so it cannot be recovered. For more information about how to sanitise affordably, please refer to the NCSC guidance on Secure sanitisation of storage media.

    Guidance for organisations deploying or redeploying Android devices onto their networks.

  • Windows 10 EUD Guidance

    What's new with Windows 10?

    Blog post06 Mar 2017AuthorAndy PTopicsEnd user technology, BYOD, End user device

    New device security guidance and some timely reminders

  • BYOD: Executive Summary

    Guidance08 Aug 2016TopicsBYOD

    A summary of the key security aspects for organisations considering a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach.

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