How to gain confidence that security measures are effective.


  • CREST Cyber Security Incident Response (CSIR) scheme

    Information04 Sep 2018TopicsIncident management, Assurance

    CREST certified companies delivering effective cyber security incident response services for the majority of industry, the wider public sector and academia.

  • Cyber Security Consultancy Standard

    Document13 Aug 2018TopicsAssurance

    This document sets out the standard which consultancy services are assessed against.

  • Become a Certified Cyber Security Consultancy

    Information13 Aug 2018TopicsRisk management, Assurance

    Certified Cyber Security Consultancies deliver a wide and complex range of cyber security consultancy service to government, the wider public sector and CNI. Every certified consultancy meets the NCSC's standards for high quality tailored expert cyber advice.

  • Become an NCSC evaluation partner

    Information10 Aug 2018TopicsRisk management, Assurance

    About NCSC-approved evaluation partners and how to become one.

  • Off the shelf Assurance Services (CAS) collection

    Document10 Aug 2018TopicsAssurance

    These documents still contain references to the NCSC's precursor organisation, CESG. Please read references to CESG as the NCSC.

    These documents are the basics for anyone conducting or putting an off-the-shelf (commodity) service through an assessment under CAS.

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