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  • Firmware Status Check

    Firmware II: Status check

    Blog post25 Jan 2017AuthorMike HTopicsEnd user technology, End user device

    Initial research shows firmware frequently out of date

  • Automating UEFI Firmware updates

    Automating UEFI Firmware Updates

    Blog post17 Oct 2017AuthorMike HTopicsEnd user technology, End user device
  • Queue of red London buses

    Firmware bugs are like buses

    Blog post23 Nov 2017AuthorMike HTopicsEnd user technology, End user device

    Intel's report this week of security vulnerabilities emphasises the importance of automating firmware updates

  • Firmware security research project

    Getting a grip on firmware

    Blog post21 Nov 2016AuthorMike HTopicsResearch, End user device

    Investigating the security of firmware and why this often overlooked component should not be ignored.

  • electronics

    Firmware updates on Linux, and using data to influence procurement decisions

    Blog post30 Oct 2018AuthorMike HTopicsEnd user technology, End user device

    How the Linux Vendor Firmware Service is automating firmware updates and providing valuable data insights along the way.

  • touching fingers

    Updating our Windows 10 guidance

    Blog post25 Oct 2017AuthorStuart GTopicsEnd user technology, End user device

    An introduction to the update of our alpha guidance published for 1607 "Anniversary Update".

  • Updated Chrome OS and Ubuntu guidance

    Updated Chrome OS and Ubuntu Guidance

    Blog post24 Jul 2018AuthorTom WTopicsEnd user technology

    Tom W takes a look at some of the most notable guidance updates for Chrome OS 65 and Ubuntu 18.04

  • Broken laptop

    NCSC IT: Installing software updates without breaking things

    Blog post08 Mar 2018AuthorAndy PTopicsIT infrastructure, Patch management

    Andy P explains how the NCSC rolls out software updates without delays.

  • Patched computer

    Time to KRACK the security patches out again

    Blog post20 Oct 2017AuthorAndrew ATopicsCyber attacks, Vulnerabilities

    Andrew A puts some context around the recently published KRACK guidance and explains why patching - once again - is the answer.

  • A safe

    Which smartphone is the most secure?

    Blog post10 Feb 2017AuthorAndy PTopicsEnd user technology, Secure communications

    A straight answer to a difficult question