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TOPIC cloud security

advice to organisations considering the use of cloud-based applications and services.

  • Introduction: Understanding Cloud Security

    Guidance16 Aug 2016TopicsCloud security

    How to use this collection when assessing the security of cloud services

  • Separation and cloud security

    Guidance17 Aug 2016TopicsCloud security, SaaS offerings

    The importance of secure boundaries between users of cloud services

  • Cloud Security Collection

    Guidance16 Aug 2016TopicsCloud security

    How to configure, deploy and use cloud services securely

  • Technology Leaders Network

    Debunking cloud security myths

    Blog post08 Feb 2017AuthorJon LTopicsCloud security

    What Jon got up to at the Technology Leaders Network.

  • Cloud computing and data storage

    Guidance01 Oct 2016TopicsArchived guidance, CERT-UK archive

    Archive content originally produced by CERT-UK that has not yet been absorbed into the new NCSC web pages.

    This report provides a good description of cloud storage benefits and risks and suggestions on how to maintain data security in the cloud.

  • Implementing the Cloud Security Principles

    Guidance21 Sep 2016TopicsCloud security

    Details and context for the 14 Cloud Security Principles, including their goals and technical implementation

  • Fujitsu Cloud Network (FCN) Service

    Off The Shelf Service07 Sep 2016
  • Cloud Security Principle 12: Secure service administration

    Guidance22 Sep 2016TopicsCloud security

    Systems used for administration of a cloud service will have highly privileged access to that service. Their compromise would have significant impact, including the means to bypass security controls and steal or manipulate large volumes of data.

  • My cloud is not a castle

    My cloud isn't a castle

    Blog post06 Jul 2018AuthorAndrew ATopicsCloud security, SaaS offerings

    Moving to the cloud from closed-off data centres means we’re exposing more of our services to the Internet than we ever have done before. Andrew A talks through his thoughts on why this sometimes results in accidental data leakage and how to reduce the risk of that happening.