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  • Roke (CPA)

    Evaluation Partner23 Aug 2016
  • KPMG (CPA)

    Evaluation Partner07 Sep 2016
  • CPA scheme library

    Document30 May 2018TopicsAssurance

    This collection holds various documents that relate to the Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) scheme.

  • CPA International Recognition

    Document29 Sep 2016TopicsAssurance
  • NCC Group (CPA)

    Evaluation Partner23 Aug 2016
  • Context IS (CPA)

    Evaluation Partner23 Aug 2016
  • DNV GL (CPA)

    Evaluation Partner23 Aug 2016
  • The CPA Build Standard

    Document01 Aug 2016TopicsTechnology at OFFICIAL, Assurance
  • Client Virtualisation: CPA SC

    Document08 Feb 2016TopicsIT infrastructure, Design and configuration, Assurance

    Provides the ability to run multiple instances of a commercial operating system on a single piece of hardware, distinguished by frequent interactive use by a single user. 

  • Degaussers: CPA SC

    Document08 Feb 2016TopicsDestruction and disposal, Assurance

    The purpose of the degausser is to sanitise data on magnetic media forms such as hard disk drives and tapes such that confidentiality is maintained.