TEMPEST and Electromagnetic Security

Created:  03 Sep 2015
Updated:  01 August 2016

The NCSC is the National Technical Authority for Electromagnetic Security (EMS) and TEMPEST. TEMPEST relates purely to passive phenomena while EMS may apply to active techniques used to enhance or extract signals of interest.

TEMPEST and EMS services help you understand how vulnerable your ICT system is to unintentionally emitting classified information and helps you ensure that appropriate countermeasures are in place for the level of risk.

The TEMPEST and EMS scheme offers several ways of supporting you when you are trying to assess and manage potential exploitation of electromagnetic vulnerabilities.

The NCSC itself offers:

Operational Assurance and Consultancy Services

If you are part of HMG, an HMG customer or part of CNI and you are concerned about losing SECRET data, then our TEMPEST Operational Assurance and Consultancy services are designed principally for you.


Information about training in TEMPEST and EMS;

TEMPEST and EMS Policy

Details of documents and how to obtain them.


Other services that are available and supported by the NCSC:

Certification of Products and Platforms

As the UK National Technical Authority for Information Assurance, the NCSC seeks to ensure that UK government customers can have confidence that the TEMPEST integrity of certified products and platforms lasts throughout the entire lifetime of the product or platform. The NCSC's accredited test facilities for these product and platform certifications are listed below. 

Vendors of Approved TEMPEST Products

A vendor of TEMPEST products has demonstrated that they have met a number of criteria in order for their product to be certified. This gives end users confidence that the products meet the UK National TEMPEST requirements. List of TEMPEST approved vendors in the UK can be found on this site. There is also a NATO Catalogue of vendors of TEMPEST certified products.

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