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Created:  03 Sep 2015
Updated:  01 August 2016
CESG Assisted Products Service

CAPS combines the cryptographic knowledge of the NCSC (formerly CESG) - the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance - with the private sector's expertise and resources to accelerate the development of High Grade products.

Cryptographic products use encryption to provide security. Such products include disk encryptors, link and network encryptors, secure radios and access control devices. CAPS also evaluates products that control data flow between domains of differing classifications (cross-domain solutions).

HMG policy sets out approved standards to be employed where encryption is used to safeguard government classified data; CAPS verifies that products have met these standards.

Former Baseline and Enhanced Grades

Products at the legacy Baseline and Enhanced grades are no longer evaluated by CAPS. Some of those products, in agreement with the companies concerned, have been examined and verified as being suitable to protect data in the OFFICIAL tier.

Airwave products

Note that we are maintaining our current assurance approaches to AIRWAVE products based on Baseline and Enhanced grades for the lifetime of the AIRWAVE system.

What is PRIME?

PRIME is the UK’s strategic standard for encrypted IP communications, and is based on Internet standard IPsec. Products listed as PRIME devices are recognised by the NCSC following independent testing to verify their compliance with the PRIME standard.


Learn a little more about CAPS if you have a product you think may be suitable.

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