Weekly Threat Report 4th November 2016

Created:  07 Nov 2016
Updated:  07 Nov 2016
This report is drawn from recent open source reporting

The use of social media for cyber-enabled fraud is on the increase

Social media is increasingly used to commit cyber-enabled fraud according to recent reporting (by cyber security company Easy Solutions). Many of the 80 million fake social media profiles are reportedly used to facilitate cyber attacks. According to cyber security company, Proofpoint, 19% of accounts with top global brands are fake.

Social media attacks also recently tricked major UK banks’ customers into revealing credentials by using profiles claiming to be the banks’ customer support. Moreover, Proofpoint reports PayPal customers were similarly targeted over the summer when a promoted tweet on Twitter, claiming to provide PayPal account verification services, was instead a phishing tweet designed to steal users’ bank details.

Social media phishing doubled between Q2 and Q3 2016 (according to the Malwarebytes blog) and, as social media is now an integral part of many organisations' customer services, it is likely that this trend will continue.


The highest priority update this week is the Windows kernel zero-day bug disclosed by Google. This elevation-of-privilege vulnerability is known to be being exploited in the wild and, combined with CVE-2016-7855, an Adobe Flash Player vulnerability, is able to bypass security restrictions and execute arbitrary code. Microsoft has said they will release a patch for this next week.

There is the update to the Adobe Flash Player vulnerability referred to above. There is also an update to BIND, a number of updates for Apache’s Tomcat, an update for Django, updates for Palo Alto’s PAN-OS, Cisco Web and Email Security Appliances.

More details are now known about the Joomla! vulnerability from last week and this has been included in our detailed weekly summary on CiSP.

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