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Tailored Assurance from NCC Group

Offerings:  Unknown
Sector experience:  Not applicable
Operating regions:  UK
Team size:  Not provided

NCC Group is a Tailored Assurance company conducting Tailored Assurance evaluations.

Tailored Assurance companies provide an evaluation on the IT security aspects of a system, product or service. The tailored evaluations address specific assurance questions and concerns posed by accreditors or risk owners. The evaluation better enables the risk owner to make inofrmed risk management decisions.

Customers will have a clear requirement from government and a government sponsor and could include MOD, Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) or the public sector.

A range of information assurance assets could be evaluated, from simple software components to national infrastructure networks.

For a Tailored Assurance evaluation please make direct contact with one of the companies.

For other queries on Tailored Assurance please contact the CTAS administration or CESG Enquiries

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