Professional service

Cyber Security Consultancy from Hex Security

Offerings:  Risk Assessment
Sector experience:  Defence infrastructure, Digital services for Government
Operating regions:  UK
Team size:  Small (3 - 9)

Certified Cyber Consultancies will have demonstrated to NCSC that they have;

  • a proven track record of delivering defined cyber security consultancy services
  • a level of cyber security expertise supported by professional requirements defined by NCSC
  • the relevant Certified Professional (CCP) qualifications

And that they;

  • Manage consultancy engagements in accordance with industry good practice
  • Meet NCSC requirements for certified professional cyber services companies

Certified Cyber Security Consultancies commit to:

  • Complying with a code of conduct (see Section III of the Professional Cyber Services Application form)
  • Maintaining their cyber security expertise

To procure a certified service:

  • CNI customers should make direct contact with a certified consultancy
  • Government and the wider public sector may use the procurement route below.

Public sector customers can use the Cyber Security Services agreement to invite suppliers to a mini competition tender against their specific requirements. Full details of the procurement process, Buyers Guide, templates and further information will be available from the CCS webpage.

Alternative services with similar offerings

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