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ViaSat UK FlagStone Baseline

Version:  1.10
Product Type:  Data encryption
Grade:  Commercial: OFFICIAL
Products in Evaluation

The FlagStone range is approaching end of life and should not be used for new projects. New projects should use Eclypt range which is based on the estabished FlagStone technology. For details please see the entries for Eclypt Baseline, Eclypt Baseline Plus or Eclypt Enhanced as appropriate. The Eclypt is available as an internal hard drive and also as a range of USB connected storage products.

FlagStone Baseline secures data via a 9-character Clearview password. This product has a 5 year Key life.

FlagStone Drives:

  • Protect every single sector with 128-bit AES encryption

  • Store no Plain Text

  • Are secure, robust and compatible with all operating systems applications and patches

  • Support imaging partitioning and diagnostic applications

  • Are intended as a direct Hard Disk Drive replacement for all computers

  • Are available in both SATA and PATA variants

  • Can be easily retro-fitted and are available factory fitted

  • Require no ongoing maintenance and following authentication are transparent to the user

FlagStone Technology integrates sophisticated authentication entire disk encryption and data storage into tamper-resistant hardware that safeguards data. This provides instant data protection without any adverse performance degradation. Data is protected even if lost or stolen.

Certified under NCSC scheme

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