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Ultra BID/2510/18 series

Product Type:  Communications security - Link

The High Grade BID/2510/18 series are programmable replacements for the BID/1650 family, BID/950 and BID/1280. They are a fully ruggedized device for the protection of SECRET and TOP SECRET data and voice communications over wide-band VHF and UHF links. They are 19" rack mounted units which are form, fit and functionally compatible with the legacy devices reducing the integration costs.

The BID/2510/18 replaces the BID/1650 family of Link Cryptographic units.

The BID/2510/18v1 is a replacement for the BID/950 ECU.

The BID/2510/18v3 is a replacement for the BID/1280 ECU.

The BID/2510/18 series utilises Ultra's programmable Common Core Crypto (C3), which is CESG (now the NCSC) approved as an embedded module. The C3 adheres to the latest EMC, TEMPEST and Environmental qualification standards. When embedded in an Application Specific Enclosure (ASE), the C3 is able to host numerous types of algorithm suites and modes, enabling operation as a number of different personalities for agile deployment.

Certified under NCSC scheme

Alternative Communications security - Link products at TOP SECRET

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