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Ultra AEP X-Kryptor Network Encryption Gateway & VPN Client

Version:  See Notes
Product Type:  Communications security - IP - non PRIME
Grade:  Commercial: Baseline, Commercial: OFFICIAL
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X-Kryptor is a dedicated Network Encryption Gateway providing domain based security. The device has two active 10/100/1000 Mb LAN interfaces which create a secure network domain. Multiple secure domains can be created through the interconnectivity of multiple X-Kryptors or via client devices running the X-Kryptor Secure Device Driver Client (SDD). The encryption technique uses the AES algorithm with a 128 bit key. Data throughput speeds supported are 25Mb/s and a 100Mb/s.

X-Kryptor supports any TCP/IP networks including

  • Wireless
  • GPRS/3G
  • Satellite and traditional LAN/WAN techonlogies

Communications across unclassified network can are carried within a proprietary TCP VPN tunnel. Supported client operating systems include

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7


Certified under NCSC scheme

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