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Ultra AEP X-Kryptor Confidential USB

Version:  See Notes
Product Type:  Communications security - IP - non PRIME
Grade:  Commercial: Enhanced, Commercial: OFFICIAL
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The X-Kryptor Confidential (XKC) USB Client is an Enhanced Grade remote access solution. The XKC connects to its host via two USB ports and it has Ethernet (RJ-45) and USB ciphertext connectivity for remote working at CONFIDENTIAL. The RJ-45 can be connected directly to any local Ethernet device such as a home broadband router, whereas the USB can be used to connect wirelessly via a Wi-Fi hotspot or 3G smart phone. The device is designed to operate over the Internet but could equally provide access to CONFIDENTIAL networks over a RESTRICTED network such as the GSi. There are 2 variants, the "Controlled" version of the product allows the administrator to restrict access to pre-determined Wi-Fi networks, whereas the "Smart" version enables the user to connect to any Wi-Fi network, including captive portals (using a smart phone web browser).

Certified under NCSC scheme

Alternative Communications security - IP - non PRIME products at Commercial: Enhanced, Commercial: OFFICIAL

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