Certified product

Ultra AEP ED100M

Version:  1.3, 1.4 6.1 V6R3 V6R5 V6R7
Product Type:  Communications security - IP - non PRIME
Grade:  Commercial: Enhanced, Commercial: OFFICIAL
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The AEP Net ED100M protects IP traffic across networks and provides 2x100Mb/s network interfaces designed to achieve close to 100Mb/s full-duplex (200Mb/s throughput). The encryptor provides both data confidentiality and source authentication for network traffic enabling Virtual Private Network (VPN) communications. The use of an IETF standard transport protocol allows the encrypted traffic to be routed across non-IP networks e.g. ATM, xDSL MPLS Frame Relay ISDN Satcom and Radio Links. The encryption system employs a central management station for key management and distribution and encryptor and network configuration enabling fit and forget operation for the encryptors themselves. Approved for Data Separation Reverse Tunnelling and Closed User Groups.

Certified under NCSC scheme

Alternative Communications security - IP - non PRIME products at Commercial: Enhanced, Commercial: OFFICIAL

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