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Sepura SRG3500

Version:  See Product Description
Product Type:  Airwave
Grade:  Commercial: OFFICIAL

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This product was assured to the Airwave baseline/enhanced standard.

The Sepura SRG3500 is a mobile TETRA gateway and repeater terminal that conforms to the ETSI standards and can operate in either Trunked Mode of Operation (TMO) or Direct Mode of Operation (DMO). It utilises the TETRA Encryption Algorithm 2 (TEA2) for encryption of the air-interface and can additionally use the UK National Algorithm for End-to-End encryption.

Version Details:
SRG3500 V10.5-006 1683 006 02936 Baseline
SRG3500 V10.5-004 1683 004 02936 Baseline
SRG3500 V10.5-003 1683 002 02936 Baseline
SRG3500 V10.5-002 1678 006 02936 Baseline
SRG3500 V10.5-001 1678 004 02936 Baseline
SRG3500 V9.7-001 1652 017 02580 Enhanced
SRG3500 V9.6-003 1658 003 02580 Enhanced
SRG3500 V9.6-002 1652 015 02580 Enhanced
SRG3500 V9.6-001 1652 013 02580 Enhanced
SRG3500 V9.5-005 1658 003 02936 Baseline
SRG3500 V9.5-003 1652 013 02936 Baseline
SRG3500 V9.5-002 1652 009 02936 Baseline
SRG3500 V9.5-001 1652 007 02936 Baseline

Certified under NCSC scheme

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