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Senetas Corporation Ltd CN1000 Layer 2 Encryptors

Version:  v4.1.3c
Product Type:  Communications security - general
Grade:  Commercial: Baseline, Commercial: OFFICIAL
Senetas CN1000

The Senetas layer 2 encryption CN1000 platform is a high-speed encryptor designed to secure information transmitted over Ethernet up to 1Gigabit per second (Gbps). The CN1000 is a purpose-built encryption platform that provides very strong security and very high network performance. The platform is provided in a rugged tamper proof enclosure and the encryption function is implemented in dedicated hardware. It is currently approved for Line Mode operation. The CN1000 has been designed to secure at the data link layer (layer 2 in the OSI stack) and has the following benefits compared to other network encryption solutions:

  • Full line rate encryption at up to 1Gbps using AES with a 128 bit key
  • Very low latency (7µS per device)
  • NO packet expansion in CFB mode (retains full utilization of network infrastructure)
  • Standards based design
  • Transparant to users
  • Independence from traffic stream - supports voice video and data encryption
  • Fully automatic key management (after initial certification) with very low ongoing maintenance requirements


The CN1000 can be used to protect data classified as RESTRICTED.

The CN1000 has also successfully completed accreditation to the Common Criteria EAL4+ standard and FIPS140-2 level 3.



Certified under NCSC scheme

Alternative Communications security - general products at Commercial: Baseline, Commercial: OFFICIAL

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