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Motorola Packet Data Encryption Gateway/Mobile Data Encryption Gateway

Version:  U02.00.23
Product Type:  Airwave
Grade:  Commercial: OFFICIAL
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This product was assured to the Airwave enhanced standard.

The Motorola Packet Data Encryption Gateway and Mobile Data Encryption Gateway provide end-to-end IPSEC encryption of IP datagrams using symmetric keys, conforming to the TETRA TCCA SFPG Recommendation 11 specifications. One-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many encrypted configurations are supported, and both are designed for use in a radio environment where packets can be delayed or lost.

The Packet Data Encryption Gateway is a small unit intended for use in a fixed environment and uses Ethernet RED and BLACK connections. The Mobile Data Encryption Gateway is a ruggedised IP54 version intended for mobile or fixed environment, and provides a BLACK serial interface to a Motorola TETRA terminal as well as Ethernet BLACK and RED interfaces.
Both devices can be managed by a Motorola Key Management Facility


Certified under NCSC scheme

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