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L3 TRL Technology Mini-CATAPAN®

Version:  v4.0
Product Type:  Communications security - IP PRIME
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Mini-CATAPAN® (BID/2420/1) is a PRIME certified next generation, pocket sized High Grade IP network encryption device. A member of the highly successful CATAPAN® family of products.

Key features include:

  • Sovereign High Grade SECRET & TOP SECRET
  • Implements the PRIME framework interoperability specification, comprising following modules:
    • Suite A
    • Pre Shared Key
    • Community Seperation
    • IKEv2 NAT traversal
  • Includes support for communication with previous versions of Mini and Enterprise CATAPAN®, implementing TRL PPK Mode
  • For Tactical, Desktop and Strategic deployment
  • NPM ACCSEC when not Operational
  • Small Form Factor (Pocket Sized)
  • Lightweight
  • Low Power
  • Rugged Design
  • Easy to Configure
  • Reverse Tunnelling Mode
  • Reprogrammable Platform

100Mbps duplex throughput. Key management system compliant with the latest NCSC Key Management specifications and procedures.

Certified under NCSC scheme

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