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L3 TRL Technology CATAPAN® IP

Version:  v4.0
Product Type:  Communications security - IP - non PRIME
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IP-CATAPAN® is a version of the already successful ATM CATAPAN®, which is in widespread use throughout MoD and OGDs. It builds on the proven and reliable CATAPAN® chassis with modifications to the software and firmware plus specialist IP (Ethernet 10/100Mb/s) Line Interface Modules. No PCB or chassis change enables factory reconfigurability of a device from ATM to IP (or IP to ATM).

Key Features:

  • Protection of TS CODEWORD information
  • 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet with 100BaseF Interfaces
  • 200 concurrent sessions
  • IPSec Secure Tunnel Mode using Public Key Cryptography
  • Remote Management via SNMPv2
  • GKM key material - ECIK/KEK/VECTOR (as ATM-CATAPAN®)
  • Remote Vector Distribution allowing only yearly manual re-keying
  • Local management via LCD/Keypad or via VT100 terminal

A software upgrade has now been approved by CESG (now the NCSC) enabling DSCP traffic classifications to be preserved across IP CATAPAN® allowing customers to support QoS across their secure networks.

IP-CATAPAN® is a full High Grade (TOP SECRET Codeword) IPv4 network encryptor, designed for installation into any IPv4 network.

Contact L3 TRL Technology for information about additional capability for: IPv6 1Gb/s and reconfigurable platforms.


Certified under NCSC scheme

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