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L3 TRL Technology CATAPAN® ATM

Product Type:  Communications security - general
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ATM CATAPAN® is a high-grade crypto capable of protecting material up to TOP SECRET Codeword which has been designed for use on either a public or private ATM network.

The ATM crypto project began in December 1993 when ATM was emerging as one of the leading WAN protocols being offered by Telecommunications providers

CATAPAN® is a CESG design, but a development contract was let with TRL in August 1996

DAC (Design Accreditation Certification) was achieved in 2003 and CATAPAN® is now in production

CATAPAN® is a Network Crypto ~ NOT A LINK CRYPTO (although it can be used as a link crypto if only two devices are involved)

The network aspect brings many advantages the main being that you do not need a pair of cryptos on every leased line as is the traditional way of providing secure network services. Instead just a single device at every site radically reducing the number of cryptos required

Network Encryption

Certified under NCSC scheme

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