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HP ProtectTools Authentication Services

Version:  v4.0, v4.1, v4.2, v4.3, v4.4
Product Type:  Access control devices and systems
Grade:  Commercial: OFFICIAL

HP ProtectTools Authentication Services provides a UK Government approved way of protecting systems from unauthorised access. It strengthens the authentication sub-system by enhancing password processing and incorporating such measures as machine generated passwords.

The Authentication Services password processing is enhanced by using UK Government algorithms together with customisation values, to produce a customer unique authentication system. End user unique salting to the hashing algorithm further strengthens the authentication system.

Machine generated passwords eliminate the risk of poor user defined passwords. Authentication Services provides different password styles, including pass phrases, to match the password complexity against the required security, as well as giving the users a more memorable password.

Users are warned of a potential attack with their last successful and unsuccessful login information being displayed as they login. Authentication Services specific login information is recorded in a central repository, while general user activity is written to the standard Microsoft® Windows® event log. Both are available for monitoring tools to parse, detect and react.

Further security features are provided with the denial of multiple logins to retain accountability and a timed automatic logout for unattended systems.

Authentication Services may be used in conjunction with HP ProtectTools Multi-Factor Authentication.

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HP Protect Tools Authentication Services has been approved through CAPS and can be used on ICT systems that process data  at all classification levels.

HP Protect Tools is a technical countermeasure that may be used in conjunction with other physical procedural personnel or technical countermeasures for systems at any classification level.

Certified under NCSC scheme

Alternative Access control devices and systems products at Commercial: OFFICIAL

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