Certified product

Cisco ASA Firewall version 9.6

Version:  9.6
Product Type:  Firewall
Grade:  Commercial: OFFICIAL

The product was evaluated against the Stateful Traffic Filter Firewall Version 1.3 Security Characteristic.

This Foundation Grade certification is based upon the product's successful Common Criteria (CC) evaluation against the Network Device Protection Profile (NDPP) Extended Package: Stateful Traffic Filter Firewall v1.0.

The certificate is valid for version 9.6 of the product, and is reliant on the above CC certification being maintained in accordance with the CC requirements. The certification is constrained to the latest maintained version of the product under its Common Criteria certification.

The certification of the product is only valid when used in accordance with the product's published Security Procedures, which are available from Cisco.

Certified under NCSC scheme

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