Certified product

Cellcrypt Mobile Baseline

Version:  v1.0.5
Product Type:  Communications security - general
Grade:  Commercial: OFFICIAL
Products in Evaluation

Cellcrypt Mobile Baseline is a software only solution that encrypts voice calls on commercial off the shelf BlackBerry smartphones running on GSM, CDMA and satellite networks.

The application enables secure voice communication over an IP data channel and provides an intuitive user interface to make and receive calls and manage contacts.

The system uses a decentralised public key management architecture that does not require NCSC key material. Ephemeral keys are generated and held within the Cellcrypt Mobile endpoints.


The product has undergone a CESG evaluation to protect information up to and including the security level OFFICIAL when configured in accordance with its Security procedures.

Certified under NCSC scheme

Alternative Communications security - general products at Commercial: OFFICIAL

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