Certified product

Becrypt DISK Protect Baseline

Version:  3.4.13
Product Type:  Data encryption
Grade:  Commercial: Baseline, Commercial: OFFICIAL

DISK Protect Baseline is an NCSC (formerly CESG) certified software solution that provides transparent, full disk encryption of a hard disk or disks.

DISK Protect Baseline has been developed under the CAPS scheme to provide security assurance coupled with reduced handling requirements for PC's containing Protectively Marked information. DISK Protect Baseline is designed to protect data at rest against data compromise due to theft or loss of the computer.

Total disk encryption ensures ALL data including system and page files are automatically encrypted and decrypted transparently so the user is assured that information is protected at all times.

Access control is provided by means of a user name user password and (optionally) a token or smartcard. All Key material is supplied by the NCSC.

DISK Protect Baseline may be configured to satisfy any local security policy by means of an easy-to-use Administration Tool. The product supports multiple users per machine and options are provided to support secure key delivery and auditing.

DISK Protect Baseline can also be used to encrypt removable media (e.g. USB flash disks and USB caddied hard drives)


DISK Protect Baseline Baseline is available for:

  • Windows XP (32 & 64bit)
  • Windows VISTA (32 & 64bit)
  • Windows 7 (32 & 64bit)

Certified under NCSC scheme

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