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Airbus Defence and Space ECTOCRYP® Yellow

Version:  2.2
Product Type:  Communications security - IP PRIME
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Ectocryp® Yellow is the next stage in sovereign UK cryptography. Portable and low cost, Ectocryp® Yellow is the interoperable basis for highly secure strategic and tactical networks.  Building on the success of Ectocryp® Blue, Ectocryp® Yellow is designed to provide the very highest levels of security for Governments and Defence customers.

Version 2.2 supports features to reduce system configuration overheads. The PRIME Peer Topology Sharing (PTS) feature enables PRIME crypto discovery and the support for OSPF/RIP on the plaintext network enables local topology discovery.

Key Features Include:

  • Sovereign High Grade SECRET and TOP SECRET
  • PRIME Suite A certified to interoperate with other certificated PRIME conformant devices, modules include:
    • Base (IKE-V2)
    • Suite A
    • Pre-Shared Key
    • Pre Placed Key SA
    • Community Separation (CCOI)
    • NAT Traversal
    • DHCP CT
    • Peer Topology Sharing (PTS)
    • Advanced Networking
      • DSCP Bypass
      • IKEv2 Liveness
  • Encryption of multicast communications using Pre-Placed Key (PPK).
  • Supports OSPF/RIP routing protocols on the plaintext network.
  • Support for remote management simplifies management.
  • Crypto Ignition Key (CIK) support easing handling constraints. (Device OFFICIAL ACCSEC when CIK removed)
  • Fully in field reprogrammable (via Encrypted software update).
  • Fully programmable platform to support future enhancements.
  • Tamper detection & Tamper evident seals.
  • Full zeroise function.
  • Small form factor size (38mmH x 168mmD x 243mmW).
  • Lightweight  < 2kg.
  • Low Power < 20 W.
  • >180Mbit/sec bidirectional IMIX throughput.


Certified under NCSC scheme

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