Off The Shelf Service

Airbus DS Ltd Trusted Networked Services (TNS)

Off The Shelf service type:  Telecommunication
Grade:  Commercial: OFFICIAL
Operating regions:  UK
Team size:  Not provided

The service was evaluated against the CAS(T) 1.1 Service Requirement. 

The Airbus DS TNS Services provide a number or specialist security services including Secure Inter-connect Service, an Official Sensitive encrypted overlay network for the secure connectivity of customer sites to the wider TNS community using the TNS WAN as a bearer, IPED Gateway Services and Certificate Services.  Airbus DS TNS service secure gateways at HMG departmental customer sites provide PKI based encryption between customers’ LANs and the Airbus DS management suite.

The Airbus DS TNS service terminates the Airbus DS encryption domain and connects to the encryption domain of the other participating TNS vendors allowing the underlying data to be exchanged across the wider TNS infrastructure and in customer terms interaction between different government departments.

Certified under NCSC scheme

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