Take our regex crossword challenge!

Created:  05 Jul 2017
Updated:  05 Jul 2017
Can you solve our regex crossword?

This is no ordinary crossword! Instead of a word or phrase, each clue is a regular expression (or a ‘regex’).

To complete the puzzle, find the letter matching both the horizontal and vertical regex for each square.

NCSC Regex crossword

The Internet has many regex resources, allowing you to learn and practice online – but here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • Characters in square brackets [LIKETHIS] are 'character classes'. They represent any one of the characters in the box.
  • A caret (^), sometimes called a 'hat' inside a character class [^LIKETHIS] inverts the match. (Must NOT be any of the characters in the box).
  • A number in curly brackets (like {2}) means that the character or pattern immediately before it must occur this number of times. (So A{3} literally means AAA).

Good luck and, if you can work it out, then tweet your answer to @NCSC.

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