Latest Cyber Accelerator start-ups showcased at NCSC HQ

Created:  08 Dec 2017
Updated:  08 Dec 2017
Cyber Accelerator start-ups showcased at the NCSC in an initiative to advance new technology.

Cyber Accelerator start-ups

Start-ups chosen to be the second cohort of a ground-breaking initiative to advance new technology showcased some of the ideas they are developing for the first time yesterday [Thursday, 7 December].

The nine companies chosen to join the nine-month GCHQ Cyber Accelerator outlined their ideas for security products and services that will enhance the UK’s cyber defences to representatives from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), industry leaders in cyber security, Wayra - part of Telefónica Open Future_, and UK Minister of State for Digital, the Rt. Hon Matt Hancock. 

Some of the innovations presented at the NCSC included a cloud service solution to connect Internet of Things devices with end-to-end authenticated, encrypted security, and a proposal to disrupt cyber crime by detecting and investigating illicit crypto-currency transactions.

The Cyber Accelerator is a collaboration between Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), GCHQ, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), and Wayra UK, part of Telefónica Open Future.

Part of the UK Government’s £1.9bn National Cyber Security Strategy, the Accelerator drives innovation in the cyber security sector by giving selected start-ups and entrepreneurs access to the world-class personnel and technological expertise at the NCSC and GCHQ, as well as the Telefónica global business network.

The companies taking part in the latest round of the Accelerator are Cybershield, Secure Code Warrior, RazorSecure, Elliptic, Intruder, Trust Elevate, Warden, Ioetec and ExactTrak

The programme is delivered in partnership with Wayra UK and the selected start-ups receive benefits to help them scale all aspects of their businesses, including funding, office space, mentoring and contact with an extensive investor network.

Chris Ensor, NCSC Deputy Director for Cyber Skills and Growth, said:

“The Accelerator offers NCSC the opportunity to combine our insights into cyber risk and deep expertise, with agile companies offering exciting new ideas.

“Together we believe we can provide new and novel solutions to the UK’s cyber security challenges.”

Welcoming the latest cohort, Minister for Digital Matt Hancock said:

“Almost every part of our daily lives are connected to the internet, so it's essential the UK leads the way on cyber security to fulfil our ambition of making Britain the safest place to in the world to be online.

“The GCHQ Cyber Accelerator programme is a great example of government, industry and tech startups coming together to benefit from the advice of world class experts and tackle cyber crime."

Gary Stewart, Director at Wayra UK and Telefónica Open Future_ (UK), said:

“Cyber security is something that increasingly affects us all, at all levels of society. One way to protect ourselves against security issues is through innovation, and there is no question that the GCHQ Cyber Accelerator is a forward-thinking collaboration.

“The cyber start-ups who have joined the accelerator are an exceptional group of companies, and I can’t wait to see what they achieve with the help of world-leading expertise from GCHQ, NCSC, and Telefónica.”


Further information

For more information about the programme head here.

The companies selected to join the programme include:

  • Cybershield detects phishing and spear phishing, and alerts employees before they mistakenly act on deceptive emails
  • Elliptic detects and investigates cybercrime involving crypto-currencies, enabling the company to identify illicit blockchain activity and provide intelligence to financial institutions and law enforcement agencies
  • ExactTrak supplies embedded technology that protects data and devices, giving the user visibility and control even when the devices are turned off
  • Intruder provides a proactive security monitoring platform for internet-facing systems and businesses, detecting system weaknesses before hackers do
  • Ioetec provides a plug-and-play cloud service solution to connect Internet of Things devices with end-to-end authenticated, encrypted security
  • RazorSecure provides advanced intrusion and anomaly detection for aviation, rail and automotive sectors
  • Secure Code Warrior has built a hands-on, gamified Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) learning platform to help developers write secure code
  • Trust Elevate solves the problem of age verification and parental consent for young adults and children in online transactions
  • Warden helps businesses protect their users from hacks in real time by monitoring for suspicious activity


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