Crime Survey for England and Wales includes cyber crime statistics for first time

Created:  20 Jan 2017
Updated:  20 Jan 2017

This week’s annual Crime Survey for England and Wales included cyber crime offences for the first time.

The government’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) became operational in October and will provide a single, central body for cyber security at a national level.

Dr Ian Levy, NCSC’s Technical Director, said:

“We welcome this reporting, which reflects the threat faced by the public every day.

“We need to address these pernicious attacks to reduce the harm to the UK, which is why we work with law enforcement, industry and wider government partners to help prevent, disrupt and investigate cyber crime.

“Proactive collaborative initiatives with industry, like our CiSP platform, and more direct interventions, such as our Active Cyber Defence programme, are part of the wider harm reduction activities across government, which include strengthening the nation’s cyber security.”

The NCSC manages national cyber security incidents, carries out real-time threat analysis and provides tailored sectoral advice.

The NCSC is a part of GCHQ and together we are helping make the UK the safest place to live and work online.

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