Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCUs)

Created:  08 Jan 2018
Updated:  19 Nov 2018
Regional Organised Crime Units, or ROCUs for short, are trusted partners of the NCSC that form the Cyber PROTECT Network.

In our modern digital world, cyber security is more important than ever. The National Cyber Security Centre's aim is to make the UK the safest place to live and do business online - but we cannot do this alone. We use a network of trusted partners to act as regional points of contact for organisations and groups so that we can make our advice as accessible as possible.

What are the ROCUs?

There are ten Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCUs) across England and Wales that have a range of specialist policing capabilities, and this includes a dedicated cyber security team that works with businesses, organisations, and communities to promote the steps that we think will reduce the chances of becoming a victim of cyber crime.  The ROCUs, and their counterparts in Scotland and Northern Ireland, regularly work with SMEs, charities, and representative organisations in response to specific threats and can provide support in the event of a cyber incident, irrespective of whether a formal police investigation exists.  Their direct link to the NCSC puts them in an ideal position to act as a first point of contact for those that wish to raise their awareness of the cyber threat and improve their defences against attacks.  

How can I contact a ROCU?

The ROCUs, and their equivalents in Scotland and Northern Ireland, are trusted partners of the NCSC and ideal regional contacts for businesses, organisations and groups in need of cyber security advice and support. Details for your region can be found here, but please note that they aren't monitored 24/7.  If you are being affected by a cyber incident now, and you are a business, organisation or charity, call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 and press option 9.

Region Website Email address
City of London Police
Metropolitan Police
East Midlands (EMSOU) N/A
West Midlands (WMROCU)
Eastern (ERSOU)
North East (NERSOU)
North West (NWROCU)
South East (SEROCU)
South West (SWOCU)
Southern Wales (TARIAN)
Yorkshire and Humber (YHROCU)
Northern Ireland (PSNI) N/A
Police Scotland

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